14 things you should ask yourself – and my own answers

14 things you should ask yourself – and my own answers

We use to think we know everything about ourselves, but that may not be true. Sometimes we feel lost in the way, we don’t feel good where we are but we’re not sure where to go, and a big reason may be because we don’t know enough about ourselves.
It may sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. Asking ourselves the right questions can bring us closer to who we are and who we want to be.

There are no rules, just ask the questions quickly withour self-editing, think fast and interpret each question however you want. Your answers may susprise you 🙂

  1. What motivates you more: failure or success?
  2. If you could say one thing to your 85 year old self, what would it be?
  3. If you could say one thing to your 15 year old self, what would it be?
  4. Imagine money is no longer a thing. How would you spend your time?
  5. If you stripped away all the layers of other people’s expectations and desires for you, what would you want for yourself?
  6. What’s one thing you’ve been putting off doing?
  7. What do you want written on your gravestone?
  8. What is a perfect day to you? Truly?
  9. If you could change just one thing in your past, what would it be? (And no, “nothing” is not an answer)
  10. Would you want to be your own friend?
  11. Describe the last five years of your life in one sentence? And the next five years?
  12. When did you last do something for the first time?
  13. How many hours a week do you watch TV? And browse the internet? If you added them up, how much time would you have to create something of your own, per week?
  14. If someone gave you 10k to start a business, what would you do with it?


Now, my own answers 😉


  1. Success! Although I do well with failures, I get more motivated when I’m happy so, when things are going well.
  2. Don’t stop learning and doing new things every single day.
  3. Enjoy life and stop worrying that much, because what is meant to be will always find a way.
  4. Traveling and writing for my blog.
  5. I don’t worry that much with other people’s expectations so it won’t be different of what normally I think I want for me. I want to make my own business grow, be successful in what I’m doing and grow my family with my boyfriend.
  6. Finish my first e-book, but I have to do it until the end of this month! (And I’m sure most of you will love it ♥)
  7. “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow up to be.” – Albus Dumbledore
  8. Waking up early in the morning in a place I’ve never been before, in a warm day, have a brunch by the sea with my boyfriend and spend the rest of the day visiting new places, trying new food and learning new things.
  9. If it can be something that is not directly related to me, my parents’ divorce. I feel selfish for thinking about it, but if I could choose they would still be together.
  10. Yes, I know sometimes I’m locked in my shell but anytime a friend needs me I’m there no matter what.
  11. The last five years have been full of unexpected changes and a whirlwind of events that have made me rethink all my goals. The next five years I hope will be years of growth, calmer but always evolving.
  12. Last Saturday, my first WordPress Workshop here in Lisbon. It was an amazing experience!
  13. Internet is where I use to work too, but if I quite watching TV at all (I don’t watch many TV) and browse internet off work I’ll have at least more 28h per week. WOW, that’s a lot!
  14. I would invest in my own business and grow my services for bloggers and small companies.


You may answer in comments if you want, would be amazing to know more about you 😀 Or you may answer in your own blog and share the link in comments!

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